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Concert Music


Myths & Legends 2011, violin and chamber orchestra
Summer Has Ten Thousand Stars 2010, full orchestra

CHAMBER  (3+ instruments)

A Field Guide to Natural History 2010–2011; saxophone, bass, piano, and percussion
Blossom Music 2017; soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and percussion
Go Exploring 2008; string quartet, piano, and percussion
Gorre and Daphetid 2011, piano trio
Ginger 2014, string quartet
I AM 2008, 15 instruments
Interstate Pastoral 2011; flute, clarinet, and bassoon
Monet’s Gardens 2009, saxophone quartet
Motion Lines 2016, saxophone quartet
Subterranean (Lantern Music) 2015–2016, mixed septet
Wasabi 2012, string quartet


Atlas 2007, bassoon
Clarinet Sonata 2008–2009, clarinet and piano
Coruxa en Carbayu 2016, flute and guitar
Granite and Sage 2017, English horn and piano
Daydreams and Postlude 2014–2015, oboe
Double Refraction by a Uniaxial Crystal 2015, cello and piano
fangled contraption 2011, flute and alto saxophone
Icarus and Daedalus 2012, clarinet
night flocks of angels trumpet 2012, violin and piano


In and Through All Things 2010–2011, organ
Marginalia 2012, organ
Under an Orange Sky 2012, carillon


Brain Siphon 2012, pre-recorded electronics. Stereo
Lavender Summer 2009, pre-recorded electronics. Surround
Loomings 2013, pre-recorded electronics. Stereo
What About That Girl? 2006, pre-recorded electronics. Stereo


How Shall I Bury Thee, My God? 2013, SATB
Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King 2015, SATB
Love and Joy 2013, SATB
There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today (arr.) 2008, SATB and piano, four hands


Beauty Be Not Caused 2014, high voice and piano
For the Beauty of the Earth (arr.) 2013, high voice, cello, and piano
A Lake and a Fairy Boat 2009, high voice and piano
In Praise of Songs that Die 2011, high voice and piano



Additional pieces for vocal solo/duet, choir, and instruments suitable for worship may be found on my sacred music page.