After Further Review

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An engaging theme and variations, After Further Review captures the energy and excitement of watching a big play in real time—and then the tension and drama of watching it again from different angles, with commentary—until the final call is made: “The ruling on the field is confirmed: touchdown.”


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Program Note:

After Further Review is a theme and variations inspired by football instant replays. The theme (the initial “play”) is presented in a jumbled form in the opening 12 bars. These bars depict the snap count (bars 1-3), the play itself (bars 4-8), the dead ball whistle (bar 8), and the players and fans settling down (bars 9-12).

The subsequent variations examine the theme from different angles, as if instant replay and commentary:

  • Variation 1 (bars 13-32) presents a basic, non-jumbled version of the theme. Initially, this version of the theme is affirmed by the band (bars 20-27), until something about it prompts further consideration (bars 28-32).
  •  Variation 2 (bars 33-49) starts off rising and graceful, like watching the receiver making a particularly balletic catch, but then gets loud and comes tumbling down, like the tackle. The loud section also resembles a fight song.
  • Variation 3 (bars 50-65) is all about scrutinizing the details, as if trying to figure out what really happened in the play. The clarinets and alto sax begin the section by playing a rising variation on the theme. Then, at bar 58, the clarinet continues to play this new variation, while the alto saxes and trumpets simultaneously play the theme itself.
  • The finale, Variation 4 (bars 66-92), sets the record straight. In a rousing, rock anthem, the band confidently plays a final version of the theme: “The ruling on the field is confirmed: touchdown.”

Year Composed: 2021-2022
Commissioned by: James Mobley, Brownstown Middle School; Scott Crecelius, Larson Middle School; Mary Day, Wilson Middle School; Larry Johnson, Saint Joseph School; Spiros Xydas, Baker Middle School.

  • Winds: Flute (divisi); Oboe (optional); Bassoon (optional); Clarinets in B-flat 1, 2; Bass Clarinet; Alto Saxophones 1, 2; Tenor Saxophone; Baritone Saxophone
  • Brass: Trumpets in B-flat 1, 2; Horn in F (optional); Trombones 1, 2; Euphonium (= Trombone 1); Tuba
  • Percussion: (5 players): I: Timpani, Triangle, Hand Claps; II: Tom-toms (2), Suspended Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Whistle; III: Glockenspiel, Chimes, Hand Claps; IV: Snare Drum, Wood Block; V: Bass Drum, Clash Cymbals, Shaker

Duration: 3 minutes
Premiere: 9 May 2022 by Baker Middle School Concert Band, Spiros Xydas, cond.
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