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Making art is hard. Making a career in art is harder. And—as typically the least collaborative of all artists—composers often struggle the most to fulfill their dreams.

How often has . . .

  • Your embarrassment about your portfolio prevented you from sharing it with potential collaborators?
  • Your uncertainty about what to say to someone prevented you from forming a new relationship? Or from getting over the hump of being a fan/student to being a colleague/collaborator?
  • Your worry about being “good enough” or “fitting in” undermined your most honest artistic choices?
  • Your imposter syndrome drained all your composing energy for the day?

. . . It doesn’t have to be that way!

I coach composers (and all artists) to achieve their artistic and financial goals by helping them hone and own their voice.

Your Voice consists of much more than style, or technique. It is composed of four dimensions—stories, process, technique, and relationships—that interact like the four parts of a chorale.

When one of those parts is out of harmony or missing, that discord creates internal confusion for you as an artist and turns people off what you have to share. When all four parts are in harmony, Your Voice attracts and resonates with the people you seek to serve and enables you most fully to create the artistic life and impact you envision.

Becoming an Empowered Composer requires a process of, first, Owning Your Voice—that is, bringing the four parts of Your Artistic Chorale in tune—and then, Honing Your Voice—adding greater nuance and counterpoint that expand your reach and influence.

How Harmonized Is Your Artistic Chorale?

Take the “Own Your Voice” self-assessment quiz and find out!

To help you own or hone your voice, I created the “Wizarding School for Composers”

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