6 Inventions


6 movements for flute and saxophone that capture the map-cap energy of crazy inventors and their inventions.

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Program Note:

6 Inventions draws its inspiration from the map-cap energy of crazy inventors and their inventions. Over the course of six movements, the piece will capture the futility of all of Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s failed –inators, the lunacy of Rube Goldberg’s over-the-top inventions, the darkness of Rotwang’s machine dystopia (from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis), and more.

Year Composed: 2022
flute and alto saxophone
Duration: 15 minutes
Premiere: 10 August 2016 by Alyssa Primeaux and Alex Sellars
Commissioned by:

  • Alyssa Primeau (flute, Chicago, IL) and Alex Sellers (saxophone, Rochester, MI) — Consortium Leads
  • AWEA Duo (Jennifer Brimson Cooper, flute, and Mas Sugihara, saxophone)
  • Angela Reynolds (flute, Terre Haute, IN) and Paul Bro (saxophone, Terre Haute, IN)
  • David Stevens (saxophone, Boston, MA)
  • Garret Klauss (saxophone)
  • Nave Graham (flute, Oxford, MS) and Adam Estes (saxophone, Oxford, MS)
  • Tower Duo (Erin Helgeson Torres, flute, and Michael Rene Torres, saxophone)

Perusal Score: Download Now

Mvt. 2: Widget

Mvt. 3: Celestial Engine

Mvt. 4: Goldberg

Mvt. 5: Gizmoid

Mvt. 6: fangled contraption