New Works for Midwest 2022

I'm proud to say I'm exhibiting at the 2022 Midwest Clinic! Come visit me at booth no. 2008 and learn more about the pieces below. Whether you're a band director, orchestra conductor, or performer, I have music that’ll interest everyone — and at all grade levels.

Concert Band

After Further Review
2021-22. Concert band. Grade 2

A theme and variations inspired by football instant replays. Kids love it and multiple middle school bands won “1st place” at the Festival In The Parks, Cedar Point 2022 performing it.

The Beating Heart of Dawn
2020-21. Concert band. Grade 4-5

A lyrical concert opener with rich harmonies and a dark undercurrent, The Beating Heart of Dawn is a piece about hope.

Full Orchestra

Summer Has Ten Thousand Stars
2010. Full orchestra

Featured in the Midwest 2022 Orchestra New Music Reading Session, the orchestra piece a perfect concert opener.

String Orchestra

Space Invaders!
2018. String orchestra. Grade 2.5

A zany piece for young players that introduces them to some of the sound effects their instruments can make.

Nana's Waltz
2022. String orchestra. Grade 3

Shades of Dvorak and Satie inspire this grade 3 waltz suitable for high school players.

Aspen Song
2019. String orchestra and harp. Grade 3.5

Aspen song has a rustic American feel that captures the beauty of mountain forests.

Woodwind Chamber Music

Motion Lines
2016. Saxophone quartet

As recorded by the PRISM quartet on their album Surfaces and Essences.

Monet’s Gardens
2009. Saxophone quartet

Woodwind Solos and Duets

6 Inventions
2022. Flute and saxophone

2020. Alto saxophone

Sixty Seconds of Saxophone Stuff
2020. Alto saxophone duet

3,000 Miles
2019–2020. Flute and harp

Granite and Sage
2017. English horn and piano

Coruxa en Carbayu
2016. Flute and guitar

Daydreams and Postlude
2014–2015. Oboe

Clarinet Sonata
2008–2009. Clarinet and piano

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