Twice in One Night

In case you haven’t been following my concert schedule (though that’s silly—of course you have!), the next six days will feature four performances of my music, including one night, Friday, when I have two performances. If you’re here in Utah, you have no excuse not to see one of these shows. They’re going to be […]

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A Good Summer for Reading, part 2

As promised, in this entry I’ll finish off the survey of books I’ve read this summer. I’ve had a few good ones sneak in toward the end, and I’m excited to tell you about them. The very first book I read this summer was C.S. Lewis’s novel Till We Have Faces. The book takes place […]

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Pre-composition and Football

Whenever people find out I’m a composer, they first ask, “What kind of music do you write?”  for which I have yet to come up with a good answer. “Instrumental” and “classical-ish” are my usual responses. The next comment they make is often “I could never write music.” From what I can tell, many people […]

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