A Few of My Favorite Things

When people ask, I often hem and haw about my favorite this or that. I have many movies, books, songs, and so on that I like, but I can rarely rank them.

It’s not a fruit, but of everything mentioned in this post, panettone is my most favorite.

This week, though, I found a clearly rank-able category: My four most favorite fruits are

  1. Watermelon,
  2. Grapes,
  3. Clementines, and
  4. Canned apricots,

with apples and pears receiving honorable mention.

To all those who have bemoaned my inability to pick favorites, there you have it.

P.S.—I also love panettone. It has fruit in it . . .

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1 thought on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. BUSNINJA - 13 December 2010

    I. Adore. Panettone.

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