Kid in a Candy Store

Just went to the rehearsal of my setting of that Lindsay poem. It worked out great. I haven’t gotten as much of a rush from hearing my music since the first piece I had performed in middle school. Great work, Jason and Bolton in performing! If on the stray chance, you happen to be passing […]

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Attitudes, Thought Processes, and Their Resultant Ideas

I was partially surprised by how surprised I was by this realization. I’d taken Intro to English Language. I’m aware of the hypothesis that how we talk about things shapes what we talk about. Yet up until this point, I had never thought of compositional process as having such a strong effect on compositional thought. But I suppose as Admiral Kirk said, “Well, now you have something new to think about.”

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Diving into Brevard

Arrived on Thursday at the Brevard Music Festival, my retreat this summer for composing and hobnobing with other  musicians. The festival includes more than 450 high school and college age musicians. It’s particularly great for composers because it has such a strong emphasis on performing your work. These details aside, I’m already feverishly at work […]

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