Returning to the Violin

So I’ve recently started work on a violin concerto for my friend Jared Starr. I grew up playing violin, and though I never progressed passed an intermediate level, writing a concerto for the instrument feels like a kind of homecoming to me. Here’s a video of David Oistrakh playing Prokofiev’s First Violin Concerto, my favorite as a teenager. (For the record, other favorites of mine include those by Barber, Berg, Bolcom, Korngold, Ligeti, Mendelssohn, Rosza, and Williams.)

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1 thought on “Returning to the Violin

  1. Liana Sowa - 6 April 2011

    Hey Joseph!!
    I love this piece! The violinist that plays it has such a beautiful tone. These pieces all express so much and you can really feel with the music. I like your quote by the way, it made me smile.:)


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