“. . . Ring in the new”

Bells2012 was a good year, but 2013 promises to be even more exciting.


In 2012, blogging was my neglected step-child. This year, expect a steady and frequent stream of posts as I keep you in the loop about how my music is progressing, what I’m listening to, and what other thoughts and cool things I find over the coming year.

The next couple months I launch into my largest project ever: an hour-long Easter oratorio for choir, soloists, chamber ensemble, and dancers. The text comes from the Bible, primarily the four gospels. I’ve already started work on the music, and in the coming weeks, I’ll blog more details about the work and its upcoming performance.

Once that piece is done, I have several other projects on deck. For the AWEA Duo, I’ll be integrating fangled contraption into a set of bagatelles for flute and saxophone. I’ll also be writing a flute duo for Amber Seeley and Nicole Okeson. Later on, I intend to dust off my performing chops and write myself a piece for violin and electronics. All this composing should take me through spring, which brings us to . . .


In addition to those for sure pieces, I have at least half a dozen other ideas and requests. In the coming months, I need to sort out how serious they and I are about those plans. Could this be the year I finally write the tuba ensemble piece I’ve been imagining since 2007?

So far I’ve attended three different summer festivals: EAMA, Brevard, and highSCORE. They’ve all been great, but I’m still not sure where I’ll be headed this summer. Will I go back to one of those? Will I go some place new?

This year I also hope to expand my exposure by applying to more contests and calls for scores and by reaching out to create more collaborative opportunities. This year might be the year I start my doctoral work. In any case, it’ll certainly be my year of “how to stay happy and fed while establishing a career.”

So, stay tuned for news on these and other escapades. Do you have any suggestions for the coming year? Pieces I should write? Places to go? People to see? What are your dreams for 2013?

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