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2017 in Review

Welcome to the end of another year! It’s been a great one for me. Let me share the highlights below.


Just listen —

Pieces Written or Premiered

Places Went

  • Residency at Boise State University
  • New Music Gathering at Bowling Green State University
  • Fresh Inc. Festival in Wisconsin/Illinois
Sam Richards, myself, and Jared Knight up the canyon from Boise
The composers at Fresh Inc 2017

Most viewed blog post

Four-bar phrases in Mozart’s Sonata K. 332, movement 1.
Four-bar phrases in Mozart’s Sonata K. 332, movement 1.

“Why 4-bar Phrases?”
“The four-bar phrase has had a bad press in our time,” writes Charles Rosen. But for all the denigration, four-bar phrases are ubiquitous. Why? (Continue reading)

Coming in 2018

  • A new piece for Collage New Music
  • My dissertation piece for sinfonietta
  • A new setting of “God Moves in a Mysterious Way”
  • And more!

Thank you all for sharing the joy of music with me. I wish you all the best in 2018!


News: Boise State Residency

March 9–10: Visited Boise State University as a guest composer, where I taught composition lessons and gave presentations on James Tenney, orchestration in Star Wars, and my recent music.

(Photo: Composers’ trip up the canyon. From left to right — Sam Richards, myself, Jared Knight.)