Hymn Arrangement Study Party, Part 2: Workshop Replay (10/05/21)

Here are the highlights from the above replay:

  • Part 1 — Simple Harmonization
    • 0:00: Essentials of chords — Blocked, Broken/Arpeggiated, Inverted, Embellished Arpeggiations, and Embellished Blocks
    • 6:55: How (nearly) all tonal melodies embellish the tonic chord, with “If I Listen With My Heart” as a specific example (audio on YouTube)
    • 10:50: The “quick and dirty” method for harmonizing melodies — “Which chords tend to harmonize which scale degrees?”
  • Part 2 — Richer Harmonization
    • 25:30: How counterpoint gives a richer understanding of harmony than “chord progressions”
      • 25:30: . . . from a theoretical point of view
      • 29:45: . . . from a music history point of view
    • 36:26: Contrapuntal gestures in Sally DeFord’s original version (PDF) of “If I Listen With My Heart”
    • 47:45: Contrapuntal gestures in Ryan Murphy’s arrangement (PDF)
  • 🎉 56:50: A special invitation to get feedback on your own arrangements and compositions (see below)
  • Part 3 — Q+A
    • 58:15: How conscious are composers/arrangers of contrapuntal gestures?
    • 1:05:15: What are parallel fifths?
    • 1:07:40: What resources exist for learning contrapuntal gestures?
    • 1:10:29: What is a half cadence?
    • 1:17:10: D-sharp vs. E-flat in bar 15 of DeFord’s original vs. the corresponding instances in Murphy’s arrangement

Make Your Arrangements Magical

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