Hymn Arrangement Study Party, Part 1: Workshop Replay (9/28/21)

Here are the highlights from the above replay:

  • 0:00: Welcome, Introductions, and Reviewing Ryan Murphy’s arrangement of “If I Listen With My Heart.” See —
  • 11:20: How DeFord makes her melody easy to remember using Rhythmic Motives
  • 20:00: Introduction to “Melodic Voices”
  • 37:30: How DeFord gives her melody a strong sense of direction using “Step Progressions” and “Guide Tones”
  • 54:10: Q+A
    • 54:10 How to incorporate a cappella sections into arrangements
    • 1:03:50 How much of the melody to include in an accompaniment
    • 1:10:15 When to feature which vocal parts in the arrangement
    • 1:17:45 A resource to reinforce these concepts: The free “Write Memorable Melodies—Today” PDF . . . download below!

P.S. — By popular demand . . .

By popular demand, the discussion in yesterday’s workshop will be continued in a “Part 2” workshop on October 5, 2021, at 1 PM Mountain/3 PM Eastern. Click here to join that “Part 2” workshop and get the zoom link.


Write Memorable Melodies—Today

Want to write melodies as memorable as those by John Williams or Janice Kapp Perry? In this free guide, I'll share the key concepts and practice exercises so you, too, can master the skill. Enjoy!

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