Work Samples


As a composer, I am most interested in how intertextuality and metaphor converge in pitch, rhythmic, and gestural schemata. My included pieces showcase this focus—either rendering strange otherwise familiar schemata or developing new schemata inspired by physical phenonema.

Glimmer, Glisten, Glow (2018-2019)

for sinfonietta

  • Notes: In “Glimmer, Glisten, Glow,” a work that showcases my orchestrational skill, I atomize the common 1-4-5-1 bass line and develop it across eight movements. Performed by the Ludovico Ensemble, Jeffrey Means, cond., April 12, 2019.

Still Winter Air (2019)

for amplified violin and electronics

  • Notes: “Still Winter Air” is inspired by a passage in Emily St. John Mandel’s novel Station Eleven, in which the opening character feels adrift in the aftermath of an apocalyptic flu epidemic. It demonstrates my proficiency with Logic Pro, RTcmix, MIDI sequencing, modern recording techniques, and virtual instruments (from EastWest, Orchestral Tools, and Spitfire). I wrote this piece especially for high school-level violinists to expand young musicians’ access to electroacoustic concert music. I play the violin in this recording.

An Integrity of Clouds (2016/17)

for flute, clarinet, piano, marimba, violin, and cello

  • Notes: In “An Integrity of Clouds,” I develop cellular melodies (à la Stravinsky or Torke) within a structure akin to a persuasive essay, laying out a musical thesis and supporting points, then elaborating them. Performed by Ensemble Dal Niente, Michael Lewanski, cond., February 18, 2018.

Motion Lines (2016)

for saxophone quartet

  • Notes: In “Motion Lines,” I create and set in motion musical equivalents for the lines behind objects in cartoons that show movement. Performed by the PRISM Quartet, January 29, 2017. Included on their forthcoming album Surfaces and Essences.

Teaching Examples

Music Fundamentals: “Rhythm and Form ( . . . in Star Wars. Mostly.)”

This lecture, given at Harvard University, July 2, 2019, is an example of how I would teach a music fundamentals course. It was originally presented as part of the course that I co-designed and co-taught, “Star Wars: How Long Ago? How Far Away?” at Tufts University, Spring 2017, with Chandler Hatch.

Additional Analyses

The following are a selection of blog posts that display the diversity of examples I use in my theory teaching.

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