Coruxa en Carbayu

I have a brother who studies the language and culture of the Spanish provence of Asturias. The language of our Asturian ancestors is marked by its frequent word play. When he shared with me the phrase “La coruxa en carbayu anda de gayu en gayu,” I was immediately taken by the sound of the words as well as their kinetic image (“The owl in the oak bounds from bough to bough”). On the surface, it strikes me as playful, but it seems also to carry a shade of danger. These images and associations I sought to capture in this duet for flute and guitar.

Instrumentation: flute and guitar
Duration: 3½ minutes
Premiere: 10 August 2016 by Unassisted Fold
Score and Ordering: Please use my contact form or email inquiries [at] to order this work.

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