Viet Cuong

“Joseph’s music is well-crafted, imaginative, and, just like Joseph himself, incredibly thoughtful. I believe he will write something truly unique for wind ensemble, and I can’t wait to hear it.”

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Matthew Levy, PRISM Quartet

“‘Motion Lines’ (recorded on Surfaces and Essences) has a wonderful pointillist quality that explores the inherent tension in generating musical momentum. Joseph is a rising star, and we look forward to hearing and playing more of his music.”

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Charity Tillemann-Dick

”His work is fast, effective, and he collaborates exceptionally well. A gifted composer, arranger and collaborator with exceptional finishing skills and an eye for detail. One of the most reliable and thoughtful musicians around.”

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Jeralee Johnson

“He has a sensitive ear and discerning grasp of what individual musical lines convey. . . . One thing that I loved about working with Joseph was how readily he accommodated my own suggestions for the music. I felt like it was a true collaboration.”

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Daniel Stepner

”I had the good fortune of performing two of Joseph Sowa’s works last year. ‘Ginger‘ and ‘night flocks of angels trumpet’ both reveal a searching, poetic ear and are very well written for the instruments.”

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