The Career Success Spell Book

Are you ready to take your composition career to the next level?

The Career Success Spell Book

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A One-Day Intensive for composers who want to make an impact.

🎻 Get more commissions and performances
🎤 Share your music with greater confidence and impact
💬 Expand your network with greater ease
😎 Bypass the gatekeepers to make your own opportunities

WHEN:  Saturday, October 9 | 1–5 PM Eastern/10 AM–2 PM Pacific
WHERE: Live on Zoom

It’s easy to get caught in the hustle . . .

  • 🏆 “Have I won the right awards?”
  • 🎓 “Did I attend the big name schools and festivals?”
  • 💯 “Is my music good enough?”

But here’s the dirty secret —

When you have this attitude, you are always waiting to be picked.

You give up the creative power that is your birthright as an artist . . .

. . . and give other people total control over your career.

This attitude is wrong.

Your music matters because YOU matter.

Writing music isn’t about being the best or proving your talent.

It’s about growing and sharing the gifts you’ve been given.

Those gifts matter to the people you care for and who care about you.

It doesn’t hurt to be exceptional — but you don’t need Mozartean levels of technique to make a meaningful contribution to your friends and communities.

So whether you’re writing for the New York Philharmonic and its milieu . . .

. . . or the seventh graders of the Springfield Middle School Band and their families,

Whatever the scope of your influence, I believe that the music you create matters . . .

So TODAY I invite you to Own Your Voice.

To stop waiting to be picked.

To recognize that what you have to offer is a lot more than just your style or Technique.

To master the “Chorale of the Empowered Artist.”

And to use that voice—Your Voice—to step into a career that is artistically fulfilling, socially satisfying, and financially rewarding.

What We’ll Cover

In the Career Success Spell Book Workshop, I will show you how you can plant your artistic career on a foundation of hope and confidence.

To give you the tools by which you can

🎻 Get more commissions and performances
🥳 Compose with greater ease and joy
💪 Show up with complete authenticity and confidence

The Workshop is divided into 3 parts —

In Part 1, we’ll cover your stories

  • What it takes to be taken seriously
  • How you can make your story stand out through powerful storytelling frameworks
    • Your origin story
    • Your artistic vision
    • The worth of your projects

Outcome: Have stories at the ready to share online and in-person → Entice new collaborators into your world

In Part 2, we’ll cover your Relationships

  • Why you should stop “waiting to be picked” (for prizes, schools, jobs, etc.)
  • Why advertising and social media are a trap — and how to use them effectively
  • How to cultivate a large network, including emails and calls
  • What timelines you can expect

Outcome: Put together a concrete plan to promote a piece or seek a commission → Increase your income and performances

Part 3 is an open Q+A

To ensure you leave with everything you need → Enact your plan with confidence

What else you get . . .

All attendees to “The Career Success Spell Book” get the companion PDF e-book, a $29 value — for FREE!

This 40+ page resource covers . . .

  • How you can master the “Chorale of the Empowered Artist”
  • Email templates to make connections and promote your work
  • Conversation scripts to cultivate relationships with potential collaborators
  • and more!

With this free bonus, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll remember all the details I’ll be sharing and how to apply them.

Are you ready to Pick Yourself?

If you’re ready . . .

to stop waiting to be picked . . .

to pick yourself . . .

to step into greater Artistic Influence than you have yet experienced . . .

I invite you to join me at the Career Success Spell Book Workshop

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