New Year Composition Jumpstart!

Composer and founder of the Wizarding School for Composers,
Dr. Joseph Sowa invites you to his

Monday-Friday, January 17-21

10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern | 7 PM Europe*

20 minutes daily on Zoom

* Can't make it at those times? No worries! The sessions will be recorded, so you can watch and participate at your leisure.

Stuck in your current piece?
Struggling to get started with the next one?

Writing music is hard. Writing it day-in, day-out is even harder.

When the creative spark goes missing, it can feel like nothing you do will bring back the magic.

Student composers face this.
So do professionals.
As do the too many musicians who claim they're just a performer.

Whatever your background, this is the challenge for you.

In just five days,

the Wizarding School’s New Year Composition Jumpstart will show you how you can begin to capture the magic in your creative process consistently and reliably.

You will learn:

  • 🧐 What Gabriel Fauré meant when he said, “Don’t be a genius in every bar.”
  • ✏️ How to sketch faster and with more fun
  • 💃 How you can make revising ideas feel effortless
  • 🦖 Where the dreaded What comes next? deadlock comes from
  • ✨ . . . and more!

Whatever your background or skill level, these tools will help make your writer’s block history, so you can get back to composing the music that matters to you and your audience.

Walk away with a complete piece of music — and more!

Each day I will walk you through the exact steps needed to effortlessly transform your inspiration into a complete composition. By the end, you will have finished your first piece of 2022!

Those who complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE, hour-long composition lesson with 4-time Barlow Grant recipient and 2021 Midwest Clinic presenter Dr. Joseph Sowa.

That’s not the only way you can win your free lesson. If you refer a friend who joins the challenge, you’ll be entered into an additional raffle for another easy shot at winning.

Even if you don’t win either raffle, you will have a completed a brand new piece: What’s there to lose?


Ready to Jumpstart Your Composing?

If you want to develop exciting new ideas for your current piece and learn proven processes that keep your creativity flowing forward, sign up for the New Year Composition Jumpstart today!

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