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July 9: Selected as the 2017–18 Fellow for Collage New Music. The position includes writing a new piece for the ensemble to premiere spring 2018.

June 5–19: Attended the Fresh Inc. 2017 Festival, where Blossom Music received its premiere.

May 11–13: Attended the New Music Gathering at Bowling Green State University.

March 9–10: Visited Boise State University as a guest composer, where I taught composition lessons and gave presentations on James Tenney, orchestration in Star Wars, and my recent music.

January 23: My saxophone quartet Motion Lines was premiered by the renowned PRISM Quartet during their Brandeis residency.


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12–14’ Work for English Horn and Piano: Join Jeralee Johnson (Boston), Carolyn Hove (LA Philharmonic), David Ashton (NYC) and the Barlow Endowment in collaborating on or donating to a new work for English Horn (deadline Sept 1, 2017).

10’ Work for Ensemble Dal Niente

6–8’ Work for Collage New Music


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