James Horner on Film Music

I was sad to hear that James Horner died this week in an aviation accident. His music has been an inspiration to me. I was browsing YouTube listening to his old scores when I found this interview he gave a few years back. Several parts of it stood out to me.

“Like Day and Night”: Solos for Oboe and Violin Now Available

Pastoral images inspired my oboe solo "Daydreams and Postlude."

I’m pleased to announce the recordings and publication of two very different solos for oboe and violin: one for the instrument alone, the other with piano accompaniment; one comprising a variety of moods, most fast, the other composed of a single, slow mood.

Movement is the soul of music

Of all my artistic influences, musical and otherwise, the most impactful has been Yoko Kanno’s soundtrack for the anime series “Cowboy Bebop.” At first listen, Kanno’s music is striking for its stylistic variety. Although jazz forms the core of the music, it branches out to blues, country, rock, heavy metal, and even late Romantic opera. Yet underpinning this seeming hodgepodge is a unified rhythmic sense. In every style, Kanno nurtures a rich ecology of rhythmic relationships. The music moves and flows in complementary streams, and that harmonious interpenetration resonates to the core of my musical aspirations.

In technical terms, what … Continue reading →

“. . . Ring in the new”

Bells2012 was a good year, but 2013 promises to be even more exciting.


In 2012, blogging was my neglected step-child. This year, expect a steady and frequent stream of posts as I keep you in the loop about how my music is progressing, what I’m listening to, and what other thoughts and cool things I find over the coming year.

The next couple months I launch into my largest project ever: an hour-long Easter oratorio for choir, soloists, chamber ensemble, and dancers. The text comes from the Bible, primarily the four gospels. I’ve … Continue reading →

“Ring out the old . . .”

It’s been a good year for composition. It hasn’t been such a good year for blogging, so it’s time to highlight the best of 2012 and the opportunities coming in 2013. I’ll start in this post with 2012.

Second Performances

My biggest milestone this year was finally having pieces enter performers’ regular repertoire. I wrote “Icarus and Daedalus” in February for Arianna Tieghi, who since performed it twice this summer.

“night flocks of angels trumpet” was an excerpt from A Field Guide to Natural History that I arranged for violinist Katie Jensen, who performed it earlier this month. It’s my … Continue reading →