I compose concert music

for Classically trained performers that showcases melodies in vivid gestures, engages listeners with its dramatic affect, and is gracious to perform. My original works and arrangements have been recorded on a Billboard® chart–topping album and performed across the United States and Europe.



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 What My Collaborators Have to Say

“He has taken articles with which I was fairly comfortable and turned them into pieces of pride. . . . His edits have always been thoughtful, and when he has added content, he matches my style effortlessly.”

Sarah Hill
Freelance Writer

”I had the good fortune of performing two of Joseph Sowa’s works last year. ‘Ginger‘ and ‘night flocks of angels trumpet’ both reveal a searching, poetic ear and are very well written for the instruments.”

Daniel Stepner
Lydian String Quartet

“He has a sensitive ear and discerning grasp of what individual musical lines convey. . . . One thing that I loved about working with Joseph was how readily he accommodated my own suggestions for the music. I felt like it was a true collaboration.”

Jeralee Johnson

“I came to trust and rely on Joseph’s exceptional attention to detail. He saved our work and reputation many times by catching errors that had been missed by others.”

Yvette Arts
BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications

“Attributes that stand out when I think of Joseph are his professionalism combined with his good nature. . . . He is a person I would always want to have on my team.”

Yvette Arts
BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications

”His work is fast, effective, and he collaborates exceptionally well. A gifted composer, arranger and collaborator with exceptional finishing skills and an eye for detail. One of the most reliable and thoughtful musicians around.”

Charity Tillemann-Dick


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