Composing Report: March 2016

I knew that March was going to be crunch time. The past few days I’ve been composing between 5 and 8 hours a day. 

Composing Report: February 2016

This January I had set a goal to compose 8 bars per work day. In February I missed that mark — but I got closer. 

Why Don’t Modern Composers Like Repetition?

The fact is, the vast majority of composers in the history of the world have not repeated everything in their music literally.

A Simple Trick To Think About Repetition in Music — or Anything

Composers work with patterns, which is another way of saying we work with repetition. Thus, if I have three elements, A, B, and C, it would be useful to know how I can reorder them.

Why the “California Girls” Chorus Won’t Get Out of Your Ears

Some tunes won’t get out of your ears. The chorus from the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” is one of them